Being a good translator means being very comfortable with the subject and a very skilled linguist, creating bridges over the cultures. That’s why we are always very careful with our work.

We accept only the projects we can perfectly handle.

We have the ability to prioritize and we proactively offer solutions in the best interest of the client. We know to handle peaks in workflow and we assure the compliance with the deadlines because we work only with people very strictly tested, people we know very well and we can trust. We are committed to the quality and we do respect our clients.

In order to assure a high quality translation, before starting a translation project, we build a glossary which is sent to the client to be approved. All the translations are made by native translators and are proofread by another linguist. Both must have relevant experience and expertise for the project.

During the project, we are in contact with our specialists (automotive engineer, mechanical engineer, electronics engineer, HR manager, pharmacist, medical doctors, chemist, dentist etc) who offer us their expertise and help us to assure the accuracy and precision of the translation.

We work according to the European standard EN 15038, meaning that we have and we use the following competencies:

- translating competence

- linguistic and textual competence in the source and the target language

- research competence

- technical competence

- cultural competence

- information acquisition and processing competence

We use CAT tools which store previously translated source texts and their equivalent target texts in a database and retrieve related segments during the translation of new texts. That’s why we will always use the same target term for one source term; we will always translate the same a repeating phrase.


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