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AMVNET CONSULTING SRL specializes in technical, marketing & business, pharma, medical translations. Having a lot of experience in the field (over 5 million words of professional translation), we offer English, French, German and Spanish into Romanian translations according to the European standard EN 15038. We provide our clients with the highest quality translations at competitive prices, paying always attention to our clients’ needs. To translate professionally, it’s not enough to be a talented linguist or a teacher of some language, as translating requires more competencies and skills. We do not deliver only a translation, but we are doing our best to transfer in the target language our clients’ culture and values.

Our translations are technically accurate and sound as naturally as the original text and sometimes even more naturally. We do believe that style is important too, that’s why we work in teams formed by translator, proofreader, specialist and Q&A linguist. We use all the professional ways to assure the translation quality and we are proud of the quality we offer to our clients.

At AMVNET Consulting, we understand the significance of confidentiality and security. You can be assured that all documents handled will be kept under our strict privacy guidelines. At the beginning of our collaboration, we will sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and SLA (service level agreement) documents.

 We are proud to be Members of Translators without Borders team (The mission of Translators without Borders is to support humanitarian work around the world by providing free translations).

And we are proud to be your translators of choice. Let us translate your documents into our native language. Allow us to convert your ideas, information, messages and hopes. We are here to help you!




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